Cro-Mags Live set from Austria ’91

I figure I’ll start doing some audio sets because I have a bunch and I’m bored. Here is a Mags set I got off of some site that I edited up from a single mp3 to separated tracks and shit. I honestly have no clue who is singing on this due to it being BW songs that aren’t Crush as well as new songs off of their “new” unreleased record which ended up being Alpha Omega. Another factor is that JJ was apparently on this tour but I’ve never heard him sound like he does on these tracks/the constant “OHHHH YEAHHHHH’s” don’t help either. Overall, enjoy this hour and twenty minute long set that has AOQ/BW/AO songs.

1.) We Gotta Know (2:21)
2.) World Peace (1:59)
3.) Show You No Mercy (2:42)
4.) Apocalypse Now (7:26)
5.) See the Signs (5:12)
6.) Malfunction (3:25)
7.) Survival of the Streets (3:05)
8.) Street Justice (1:59)
9.) The Only One (4:52)
10.) Don’t Tread On Me (2:12)
11.) Crush the Demoniac (3:45)
12.) Changes (6:18)
13.) Down But Not Out/Seekers of the Truth (8:27)
14.) It’s the Limit (1:39)
15.) Life of My Own (2:41)
16.) Signs of the Times (3:33)
17.) Age of Quarrel (6:18)
18.) Hard Times (1:19)
19.) Death Camps (5:15)



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